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A Child’s Dental Emergency

dental emergency

Busy children are not immune from dental emergencies. Running and jumping is bound to accompany some injury! Sometimes the treatment for pediatric injuries can differ from adult treatment. But at Emergency Dental, we are available to help with your child’s dental emergency as well!

Knocked-out teeth (avulsed)

Children are no strangers to losing teeth and the tooth fairy. But when teeth come out unexpectedly from running on the pool deck or getting hit in the mouth with a baseball, it might time to see an emergency dentist.  If a baby tooth is knocked out, the dentist decides if the tooth can be re-planted. This is based on your child’s age, teeth development, and the condition of the tooth.  The dentist may also choose not to re-plant it to prevent damage to the permanent tooth bud underneath.

If it is a permanent tooth, treatment is different.  First, rinse off the root of the tooth in water if it’s dirty.  Do not scrub it or remove any attached tissue.  Then, being careful not to touch the root, gently place the tooth back in your child’s mouth.  You can also place it in a cup filled with milk to keep the root moist.  Finally, get to the dentist as quickly as possible (bring the tooth with you)!

Broken or Chipped Teeth

Sometimes the accident may not completely knock the tooth out, but brake or chip the tooth.  The first thing you should do is stay calm. Your child will mirror your reaction to the injury.  Rinse the mouth with water to clean the area and use a cold compress to keep swelling down.  Place dental wax over the rough area (if needed) to prevent damage to other soft tissues until you can be seen.  Treatment is determined on how badly the tooth is chipped. Sometimes simply filing down rough edges on the tooth is enough.  For bigger chips, the dentist may place a bonding material to repair it.

If it is a baby tooth, you may think you don’t need to contact the dentist.  If the tooth fractured when hit, it is important to see the dentist.  The fracture may cause an abscess to form at the root of the tooth.  An abscess can damage the permanent tooth underneath.  The tooth may also darken or discolor after a trauma like a bruise on the skin. If discoloration does not resolve after a few weeks or your child continues to feel pain, call our office for an appointment.


It is not fun for anyone to be up all night with a child who has a toothache!  Several things can cause childhood toothaches: food stuck between teeth, decay, previous injury to teeth, or even getting new teeth! Rinse the mouth with water, check for any stuck food, and apply a cold compress for comfort.  Use floss to remove items stuck between the teeth.  If the pain continues or radiates up the child’s ear, schedule an appointment to see an emergency dentist!

Soft-Tissue Injuries

If your child bit their lip, cheek or gum, place a cold compress (cold washcloth) on the injury for 15 to 20 minutes to stop any bleeding.  Then if bleeding persists, you may need to see an emergency dentist.  Try to offer soft foods for the child to eat until the injury heals. Also, watch for signs the injury may have become infected.

While a band-aid can’t help all childhood injuries, at Emergency Dental we can help navigate your child’s dental emergency.  Call us today!

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