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Can You Go to the Emergency Room for Tooth Pain?

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The answer to this question may not be as clear as you think. It’s true that having a dental emergency is scary and creates the instinctive decision to go where all ailments can be cured, or at least most of them. This is further supported when you consider that more than 51 million school hours are lost each year to dental-related illness.

But, is tooth pain really a reason to head straight to the hospital? The answer – it depends. Often times, your dentist will provide an after-hours number to call if anything serious occurs. They are usually the ones to call. They know your history, have the right equipment, and are usually best at analyzing the situation. This is especially true if the pain is minor or seems to pose no real threat. Calling your dentist should be the first thing you do in most circumstances. However, there are times where the situation can be severe enough to where the emergency room may be your best bet. However, did you know you might not have to go to the emergency room? Emergency dental services DO exist! So how do you know which option to take?

Below are a few health care guidelines on what to remember when a dental emergency occurs. The important thing is to assess your situation and figure out which action plan would work best. Take a look:

Urgent Dental Emergencies

Again, even if these occur, contacting your dentist should be first. If you are unable to reach them, or have a fear of your health and safety, then visiting emergency personnel is recommended.

  •      Excessive Bleeding
  •      Major Tooth Pain (may be affecting daily functions, etc.)
  •      Swelling
  •      Knocked Out Teeth
  •      Broken/Injured Jaw


These are circumstances that you should only contact your dentist for. These are non-threatening and can wait to be taken care of. It can be scary when dealing with any sort of pain, but not all pain is detrimental.

  •      Cracked Tooth
  •      Loose Tooth
  •      Broken Retainer, Night Guard, etc.
  •      Lost or Broken Filling, Crown, or Bridge

However, if you can’t get in soon to see your dentist, seeking out an emergency dentist can be an option too because many of them handle these types of services as well.

We offer the best service for tooth pain, a cracked tooth, broken dentures and more! See our full list of emergency dental services.

Though dealing with dental health issues and possibly emergencies are never at the top of anyone’s list, it’s important to know who to contact and when. Think about your situation and how it is affecting you to ensure that you contact the proper health care professional.

Are you dealing with a possible dental issue? Contact Emergency Dental  today to see how we can help you get back to your normal self!


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