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Emergency Teeth Pulling: How to Tell if It Needs to Be Done

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Many patients experiencing tooth pain will call for an emergency teeth pulling quote, without checking to see if they need the procedure in the first place. In doing this, patients are eliminating their chances to get properly looked at and treated out of fear of paying a hefty cost of an emergency dental visit. If you’re experiencing any level of pain in your mouth, it’s best to come into an emergency dentist office at your earliest convenience to get an expert opinion on the source or depth of the damage. Here’s how to find out if you need to schedule an emergency appointment or if it’s smarter to wait:


The pain in your mouth doesn’t always call for an emergency teeth pulling. Read more below!

Does A Toothache = Extraction?

This is the first big mistake many patients make when trying to self-diagnose. Toothaches can be a result of many things; many of which don’t lead to an emergency tooth pulling. A lot of toothaches are coming from some form of infection in your mouth. These can vary from bacteria build-up by sugary or processed foods, gum infections, muscular spasms, or even a facial nerve infection (trigeminal neuralgia).


With the help from a dentist (and overall quality dental hygiene), tooth pulling or extraction can be prevented.


Do your best to keep sugar-heavy and processed foods out of your diet, make sure you’re brushing twice a day, and work flossing into your week to keep bacteria from building up and causing infections.


In all cases, talk to an emergency dentist about receiving a proper inspection to pinpoint the main source of pain.

Is Teeth Pulling My Best Option?

Many dentists will agree emergency tooth pulling is the last resort. The goal of a dentist (and hopefully the patient, too) is to keep all the teeth you have to yourself, and avoid pulling any out if possible. Yes, teeth extraction is the cheapest, fastest, and easiest solution, but it certainly isn’t the best one for the long-term health of your teeth.


Possible solutions are heavily reliant on the condition of the patient’s tooth, their medical or surgical past with extractions, and the severity of the damage if there is any.


Find a solution that’s best for you and your medical and comfort needs by getting a professional consultation done by an emergency dentist.

What’s the Cost of an Emergency Tooth Pulling?

Once we decide on the best solution for you and your long-term oral care, your next question will likely revolve around the “how am I going to pay for this?” issue. About 70% of Americans have $1000 or less in their savings account; and 34% have $0 saved. Which is why we offer several low-income payment options including:

  • Little or no money down
  • CareCredit
  • No credit checks
  • Affordable monthly rates


Learn more about emergency dental payment options when considering your next appointment. 


Dental care is severely overlooked due to cost. Get an appointment with an emergency dentist as soon as possible to discover your solutions and what the cost to you is. Mouth pain doesn’t have to equal an emergency tooth pulling when looked at by the trained eye. Get in touch with us now!



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